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Wind blade optimization

Ingeniacity Renewable

The wind sector is constantly growing as it is an alternative to fossil fuels.

The trend, due to the increase in energy demand, is to opt for increasingly taller towers and with larger diameter rotors.

The correct design of the blades is of great importance since it must withstand loads of various types.

Its weight and construction also greatly influence the project, not only for its correct operation, but also for logistics.

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Project development

At Ingeniacity we have extensive experience in the design and optimization of composite material parts, as well as in fluid dynamics, being able to completely address the design of a wind blade.

The application of fluid dynamic simulation tools, CFD, allows us to determine the most appropriate aerodynamic profile.

On the other hand, by combining finite element calculation tools, FEA and our knowledge of composite materials, we can define the optimal lamination.


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