Engineering and innovation

We bring Innovation

Innovative Solutions to all kind

Ingeniacity is formed by a highly multidisciplinary team with experience in different activity sectors: industrial, nautical, automotive, renovable energy....

Each product is optimized to saving costs to clients. This allows as to offers solutions to all kind of problems. 

Product Engineering and Design

Ingeniacity combines engineering passion and technological knowledge with a good taste for design.

We do not stop at a pleasing shape, but we give each part an added value through it functional characteristics.


Technology Consulting

Our services include consulting and solving all kinds of problems through the use of engineering.

The team of Ingeniacity is able to improve products and/or productive process by consulting in new fabrication process and advanced materials.

The Toolbox


Structural Design and Calculations

Calculation of structural elements and singular structures, both metallic and composite.

Static, fatigue, vibration or hiting system simulations.

Each piece or structure that is designed is optimized to the maximum according to the criterion given by the client.

Fluid Dynamics Simulation - CFD

In Ingeniacity, we set out to improve the technical level of our designed products. We carry out both internal and external flow simulations with this objective.

We are able to simulate all kind of fluids or particles. Using CFD tools, we can get better efficiency on the element or machine designed.

Product Optimization

Modeling, design and/or fabrication of products. Upgrade and redesign of parts.

Also we have a 3D printer and two CNC milling machines that allows us to do prototypes and small pieces.

Project examples


Prototype milling


Structural test


Vorticity simulation

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