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Advanced engineering applied to the defense sector

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The Defense sector requires very high demands and quality standards. It is in sectors with these characteristics where Ingeniacity can apply its knowledge with greater performance.

Below are briefly the services that are applicable in the Defense Sector.

Optimization of parts and structures.

Thanks to our experience in competitive sailing, we have acquired advanced knowledge in structures. This allows us to optimize them, either with a criterion of weight reduction or to solve problems of fatigue, dynamic effects or impacts.

We use advanced engineering techniques such as topology optimization and finite element simulation.

Etapas fabricación pieza composite, fibra carbono simulación y diseño

Fuel savings

In addition to the reduction in consumption that can be achieved by optimizing structures and parts, we have the ability to optimize shapes and design appendages that achieve that objective.

To achieve this we use fluid dynamics simulation (CFD) tools, which allow us to relatively quickly compare different designs and configurations to determine which is optimal.

Apéndices para reducción de consumo

Ballistic studies

Among Ingeniacity’s capabilities is also the ability to perform highly complex simulations, such as ballistic impacts.

The image on the right shows the validation of a ballistic gel model (Wen et al 2016), using models with strain hardening and polynomial equations of state that include shock waves. As can be seen, the results are obtained very close to the experiment.

Simulación de penetración de bala en gel balístico

The following video shows a simulation of the deformation of an M855 projectile when rifling a rifle. This makes it possible to predict wear and possible problems with the ammunition.

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