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Determination of loads in floating solar plant

Ingeniacity Renewable

One of the biggest challenges when designing a floating structure is determining the loads to which it is subjected.

This difficulty is associated with the multiphysics nature of the system, which is affected by wind, interaction with water, etc.

Combining our experience in the solar sector and the nautical sector, we have determined the loads on each of the elements of the structure (moorings, floats, beams, etc.)

Plataforma solar flotante estudi cargas debidas al viento, se ven los flujos que afectan a los paneles

Project development

Before determining the loads, it is very important to carry out a thorough weight calculation and a buoyancy study.

Thanks to the application of fluid dynamic simulation tools, CFD, we can determine the loads due to wind. In addition, a study of the effect of waves on the behavior of the structure was carried out.

At Ingeniacity we have the ability to fully develop a floating platform.

Plataforma solar plotante, varios módulos vistos desde debajo del agua

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