CLIENT: Solar Steel (Gonvarri)

Determination of dynamics effects

Ingeniacity Renewable

The study of static loads due to wind provides us with important information when designing the structure, but it is important not to forget the dynamic effects, due to the interaction between the structure and the wind and the energy exchanged between the two.

Cases to consider are structural damping, amplification and resonance, and highly nonlinear phenomena.

Within the latter we can highlight non-constant wind, aeroelasticity, galloping and torsional divergence, fluttering, vortex shedding and buffeting.

Panel solar visto desde abajo con detalle de celdas

Project development


The solar market tends to use panels of increasingly larger sizes, and this makes dynamic effects increasingly important. Hence, news of parks devastated by the wind is becoming more and more frequent.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge and tools such as fluid-structure interaction simulation, we can study these effects, determine if they are having a negative effect on the structure and also look for solutions to the problem, whether it is a reinforcement or redesign of the system, the modification of the protection position or the use of springs or shock absorbers. 

Fila de paneles solares retorcidas afectadas por las efectos dinámicos del viento


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