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Carbon fiber bowsprit optimization with a weight reduction of 65%

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Design a fast and maneuverable sailing yacht simultaneously is a challenge. The structural design of the hull and all the appendages implies two conflicting objectives, which must be met, creating a structure that offers high rigidity and at the same time is as light as possible.

We face this challenge in each of the projects for Juan Yacht Design.

As an example of success, we present you the structural analysis and optimization of the composite bowsprit for the swan 50.

Velero Swan 50 donde se ve el botalón de carbono instalado

Structural optimization

The project aims to reduce the weight of the bowsprit, keeping the stiffness as high as possible. These goals can only be achieved by using composite material and optimization technology for both component shape and lamination.

Buckling, pretension, and topological optimization were combined to design and optimize the part.

Thanks to this process, a piece that is 34 kg lighter than the previous model has been designed, with a final weight of 19 kg, which represents a reduction of almost 65% in weight.

Botalón de carbono de velero


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