CLIENT: Soltec Innovations

Development of floating solar platform with solar tracker, FLOTUS

Ingeniacity Renewable

The combination of our experience in the naval and solar sectors has allowed us to develop a floating solar platform with a solar tracker.

The existing floating solar solutions were based on ground solar structures supported on floats. But for the development of Flotus, we start from a blank page, and develop a floating platform formed by two longitudinal floats and a central floodable tank that is responsible for regulating the east-west rocking movement.

The main advantage of this system compared to existing solutions, mostly fixed, is that it can increase energy production by between 15 and 25%.

Plataforma solar flotante con seguidor

Project development

Based on the requirements established by our client, different solutions were proposed and using advanced engineering tools, their behavior was compared in terms of buoyancy, stability… in order to select the optimal concept.

Once this point was reached, progress was made in the design of the different parts, the assembly system and their manufacturing.

It is a very robust system that can withstand wind gusts of more than 100 km/h.

Pictures: Soltec

Plataforma solar flotante con seguidor vista trasera

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