CLIENT: MBA Surgical Empowerment

Microtexture design to optimize lubrication

Lubrication is a phenomenon of great importance for the correct operation of all the machines and equipment that surround us. Improving this process can mean a greater durability of parts, avoid operating problems and in many cases breakdowns that can have a great impact on the process.
The aim of this project is to design a geometric pattern of micro-textures to achieve an anti-friction-self-lubrication effect; validate the geometries through simulation tools and custom mechanical tests and materialize the geometries using additive manufacturing techniques (SLS).


Improves lubrication

First, a research stage was carried out. An important part of this stage was the obtaining of a fluid-dynamic simulation model that allows simulating the behavior of the lubricant with each of the micro-textures, as well as the process of deposition of particles that are shed due to wear. Once this model was obtained, 11 geometries were studied, from which the 4 that showed the best performance were selected for validation through tests.
The manufacture of these validation prototypes is carried out using additive technology by laser sintering (DMLS) on a powder bed. The material used is a Cr-Co alloy.
The tests are disk-on-disk with obtaining the Stribeck curve and a long-term test that allow the final characterization of the specimen.