CLIENT: Solar Steel (Gonvarri)

Determination of static load due to wind

Ingeniacity Renewable

In order to calculate a structure and optimize it, it is essential to know the loads to which it is subjected. In the case of solar panels, the static charge is due to the wind.

Depending on the information you want to obtain and the phase the project is in, a more or less complex simulation can be carried out. But with a two-dimensional simulation we can obtain information of great interest, such as pressure, lift, moment, drag or protection coefficients.

Estudio fluidodinámico del viento sobre un modulo de panel solar, se ve el flujo sobre el panel

Project development

This project was carried out applying two-dimensional fluid dynamic simulation. It is a simple simulation but from which we can obtain information of great importance for the design and calculation of the structure.

This is a problem with a highly oscillating phenomenology. It is therefore interesting to also analyze the frequencies that dominate the problem. This analysis can help in the design of support systems to prevent resonances and thus avoid catastrophic damage that could not otherwise be detected.

Detalle de módulo de paneles solares

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