Study of dynamic effects on solar structures

When carriting out the design of a solar structure, it is important not to forget the dynamic effects, due to the interaction between the structure and the wind and the energy exchanged between them.
The cases to consider are structural damping, amplification and resonance, and highly non-linear phenomena. Among the latter, we can highlight the non-constant wind, aeroelasticity, galopping and torsional divergence, fluttering, vortex shedding and buffeting.

Project Development

Dynamic effects

The solar market tends to use panels of increasingly larger sizes, and this makes dynamic effects even more important. Hence, news of parks devastated by the sind are becoming more and more frequent.
Thanks to our extensive knowledge and tools such as the fluid-structure interaction simulation, we can study these effects, determine if they are having a negative effect on the structure and also seek solutions to the problem, be it a reinforcement or the use of springs and shock absorbers.