The value of ideas

value ideas

The value of Ideas

We are more than 7.000 million people on the planet, do you really think that your idea, very good why not, is not occurring to anyone else or has not already occurred? Do you think you have to keep it hidden and locked away until you find the day when you have time to develop it?

"There are people who have their ideas as original as if no one had had them before, as if the world was just finished and man had not yet time to think"
Well no, that’s the biggest mistake you can make. If you really have a good idea, in which you believe to the point that you consider that you should protect it, what you should do is pursue it and develop it, because somewhere at that moment or possibly even before you, someone is thinking about the same thing. If you leave it hidden, kept under a lock, the only thing that can happen is that some of the people who also came up with it start to develop it and put it on the market.
Surely it has ever happened to you, you have an idea and some time later, you see that someone is selling exactly what you had imagined. It has happened to all the members of Ingeniacity at some time, due to lack of time, decision and for many other reasons, the idea remains just that, an idea. That was precisely one of the reasons why we founded the company, to help people with ideas to develop them.
cita: inteligente no es el que tiene ......
So how much is an idea really worth? Well, we cannot say that its value is zero either, since without it you cannot start, but the truth is that it is just that, a starting point that without a continuation has no value but at the same time, without it there is no developing. Overall, the value of the idea is residual with respect to the cost and effort involved in development.
“The value of an IDEA lies in the using of it”
A very clear similarity is a spark! If what we want is to produce heat by lighting a fire, we need the spark to start it, but the spark alone produces practically no heat.

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