Comportamiento plataforma solar flotante

Behavior of floating solar platform - Part 1

In recent years, interest and investment in the use of floating platforms in water for the generation of renewable energy, both for the use of wind and solar energy, has grown remarkably.

Advantages of simulation on marine sector

Advantages of simulation in marine sector

Through this blog and based on Storytelling to make it more visual, we try to show an example applied to the marine sector, of how the application of advanced engineering in the design phases can provide multiple advantages.

value ideas

The value of ideas

We are more than 7.000 million people on the planet, do you really think that your idea, very good why not, is not occurring to anyone else or has not already occurred? Do you think you have to keep it hidden and locked away until you find the day when you have time to develop it?

The potential of automation within Industry 4.0

In recent years is quite common listening and reading in media about Industry 4.0 and its potential inside Industrial sector as the objective to achieve in next years.

saving fuel with current ships

Saving Fuel with Current Ships

We are not going to discover hydrofoils in 2021. The first documented use of the idea to use foil-like surfaces in a boat dates back to 1869. However, fully flying boats are not the only way for a ship to benefit from the use of “wings”. 
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